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Pop Pop, Fizz Fizz

Pop Pop, Fizz Fizz

Every spring, we open our windows wide and set up our sidewalk cafe seating. And every spring, we get asked the same questions:

  • What’s the best wine to drink right now?

  • What are your favorite springtime wines?

  • What sparkling wines do you recommend?

…and we’re happy to help! Because here at Tria, we don’t believe that sparkling wine is just for New Year’s Eve. Case in point: Txakolina, our forever spring wine crush. This Spanish sparkling wine is a staff favorite throughout the year, but especially in the spring, at a sidewalk table near Rittenhouse Square or in beautiful Midtown Village. Here, our five favorite facts about Txakolina - and five great reasons to drink some right now:

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  1. Hemingway would approve of your springtime Txakolina habit.

    Each year, glittering green bottles of Txakolina pop up on sidewalk cafe tables from Bilbao to San Sebastian, the glitzy region that’s home to Pamplona and the annual Running of the Bulls, which Papa Hemingway immortalized in The Sun Also Rises.

  2. It’s the perfect wine for getting your Zzz’s…

    …and we don’t mean nap time! Txakolina is primarily produced from three Basque grapes: Hondarribi Zuri, Hondarribi Beltza and Izkiriota. (Don’t worry; there’s no pronunciation test required to order a glass at Tria.)

  3. It just might be the original Porch Pounder.

    Residents of Spain’s Basque region know how to party, and they’ve been doing it for a long time. Case in point? Their language, Euskara (a.k.a. Basque) is among the oldest in Western Europe. So “Txakolina” has meant “let’s drain this bottle in the sun” for generations.

  4. There’s more to wine than “still” and “sparkling.”

    Txakolina occupies a sweet little middle ground between the full-on fizz of Champagne and the supple, bubble-less smoothness of still wines. Those tiny (tiny!) little bubbles give it just enough sparkle to tickle your tongue, but not so much that it overwhelms the subtle, citrus-y aroma and taste of the wine.

  5. You don’t need to salt the rim.

    Like that quintessential summer cocktail, a margarita, Txakolina pleases the palate with both sweet and savory notes. You’ll find a flavor we can only describe as salty watermelon in the pink version, and deliciously citrus-y salt in the white. Bonus: no tequila hangover!

So the next time you find yourself strolling the shops on 13th Street, or wandering through Rittenhouse Square, thinking, “Where can I find a great glass of wine near me?” stop by your friendly neighborhood Tria Cafe for a glass of Txakolina. There’s no better way to embrace springtime in Philadelphia. ¡Salud!

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