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Swiss: Watches? Sure. Cheese? Naturally. Wine...??

Swiss: Watches? Sure. Cheese? Naturally. Wine...??

A Swiss Cheese and Wine Event Not to Be Missed

No one’s disputing Switzerland’s prowess when it comes to neutrality or time-keeping. (Or even cheese, though - as you’ll see below - there’s so much more than just the holey slices from your Wawa.) But Swiss wines? Yes! This Philly Wine Week, join us to get to know the other Swiss cheeses, courtesy of Cheese Director Madame Fromage a.k.a. Tenaya Darlington, and pair them with Swiss wines, guided by Tria Partner and Wine Director Michael McCaulley. You’ll also get to meet Sam Frank of Jumi Cheese, and be among the first in the U.S. to experience their stellar cheeses. It’s a tour of the alpine nation from the comfort of our Cafes.


Meet Sam Frank from Jumi Cheese

Wednesday April 3, 2019

Tria Cafe Rittenhouse |4:30 - 5:30 pm
Tria Cafe Wash West | 6 - 7pm

$10 Jumi Cheese Board + $10 Rare Swiss Wines Starting at 4pm!

A Rare Chance to Pair Swiss Wine and Swiss Cheese 
By Tria Cheese Director, Madame Fromage 

In celebration of Philly Wine Week 2019, we are thrilled to host a special tasting with Sam Frank of Jumi Cheese, one of the most exciting new companies in the Swiss cheese industry. You’ll sample three original cheeses from the Emmental region – including one infused with toasted hemp seeds – paired with exquisite Swiss wines. (But more on those in a minute.) 

About the cheeses… 

Jumi (pronounced YOO-mee) cheeses are produced by a cluster of family-run dairies in the Emmental region of Switzerland. Every cheese is made by hand using the raw milk of local cows that are raised on pasture during the summer months and fed hay (never silage) in the winter. Keep in mind that until recently, the Swiss Cheese Union regulated cheese production, meaning that cheesemakers in Emmental were only permitted to make one product: Emmentaler! When the union collapsed in 1999, a new creative spirit emerged, driving wildly experimental Swiss cheeses into the market. These are cheeses no one had ever seen before!   

Jumi is one of the new companies driving innovation in Swiss cheesemaking. They’re the skater kids of the scene, unconventional but focused on artistry. We’re excited to see them enter the U.S. market, and we love their entrepreneurial rep, Sam Frank, who has been instrumental in creating an import channel between Switzerland and New York. Sam is a former Philadelphian who cut his teeth mongering with our pals at Di Bruno Bros. and now heads up Jumi’s New York office in Brooklyn. He’s also a world traveler, a former cheesemaker, and a passionate advocate for rare heritage dairy breeds. We sampled these cheeses with Sam for the first time at the Fancy Food Show in New York last summer, and they were the standout cheeses of 2018. They’re beautifully crafted, with long-lasting flavors that will take you up into the Alps and down again. 


And you didn’t think cheese people were fun.

Here’s what you’ll find on your tasting board on April 3rd: 

Aarewasser (Emmental, Switzerland – cow’s milk – R) 
A velvety double cream made from the milk of two valleys near the Aare river. 

Après Soleil (Emmental, Switzerland – cow’s milk – R)
A classic Alpine with notes of nuts and hay, aged 11 months in sunlit caves

Cironé (Emmental, Switzerland – cow’s milk – R)
Malty and caramel-like with fine crystals, thanks to 24 months of cave aging. 

“Extraordinary - the standout cheeses of the 2018 Fancy Food Show in New York”.
— Madame Fromage

A Rare Chance to Pair Swiss Wine and Swiss Cheese 
By Tria Partner and Wine Director, Michael McCaulley 

Even though vines have been cultivated in Switzerland since the Roman era, the tiny country exports only 2% of its high-quality wines, leaving them little known beyond its borders. (You also might need a Swiss bank account to afford one of their costly bottles.) So our Swiss selections at Tria in honor of Philly Wine Week are special. We are stoked to serve two rare Swiss wines from Jean-René Germanier from the Valais region of Switzerland: an elegant Grand Cru Chasselas and gorgeous Gamay, both imported by our friends at Schatzi Wines and both just $10 each during our special Wine Week event.

About the wines… 

Swiss wine-producing geography is divided into three regions spread out over the country’s 26 cantons (a small administrative division of a country) that match the cultural and linguistic borders: the Italian-speaking, German-speaking and French-speaking regions. The latter extend along the Upper Rhône Valley, and produce 70% of Swiss wine.

The canton of Valais is a paradise for wine lovers in the French-speaking area. Protected by the Alps on one side, vineyards extend over 60 miles along the Rhône river. The Valais also has by far the driest climate of all the Swiss wine-producing regions, and the great diversity of soils there comes from the combination of geological upheavals, receding glaciers and alluvial deposits of the Rhône.

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