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Gotham Project Wine Tap Takeover

Gotham Project Wine Tap Takeover

Holy Wine Keg, Batman! They don’t wear capes, but Bruce Schneider (l) and Charles Bieler are sustainable-wine-packaging superheros.

Holy Wine Keg, Batman! They don’t wear capes, but Bruce Schneider (l) and Charles Bieler are sustainable-wine-packaging superheros.

Wine for Our Children’s Children    

When we debuted Tria Taproom, we envisioned something special: a bar with no bottle waste. (No cans, either!) Instead, all of our 40 beverages, which have grown to include wines, kombucha, and even cocktails, are served on draft only. But we didn’t do it alone: forward-thinking producers helped provide us with the exceptional products that we’re proud to serve, sans bottles or cans. One of our favorites? The visionaries at Gotham Project, whose efforts have kept an estimated TWO MILLION wine bottles out of the waste stream since 2010.

For Philly Wine Week, we’re proud to host them and pour some of their exceptional products for you at friendly prices. Come meet special guest, Denise Giraldo-Gordon of Gotham Project, and select from SIX soulful Gotham Project wines. We’re also featuring a preview of our new Wine Burger, which should give Taproom’s popular Beer Burger some friendly intramural competition.

Tap Takeover!


Meet Gotham Project’s Denise Giraldo-Gordon from 5 - 7 pm

Enjoy six Gotham Project wines for only $7 each all day long

Preview our new Wine Burger at its cameo appearance

More About Gotham Project

The Gotham Project has pioneered and set the standards for high quality soulful wines on tap in 100% stainless steel kegs. Gotham is a collaboration between Charles Bieler (Bieler Pere et Fils, Charles & Charles, Three Thieves) and Bruce Schneider (Schneider Vineyards, Schneider Selections, Onabay Vineyard). Gotham Project’s inaugural release was “The Finger,” a 2009 Finger Lakes Riesling from Seneca Lake, NY, aka The Middle Finger. Once a few hard core friends began to offer Gotham on tap they started to get requests for more options.

In order to offer a variety of soulful options Bruce and Charles turned to their own winemaking projects (NY, WA, CA, France, and Portugal) and their friends to offer a collection of authentic and exciting juice from coast to coast and around the world.

As mentioned above, Gotham has eliminated 2,000,000 glass bottles from the waste stream. One keg used for wine over its lifetime will eliminate 3,000+ bottles, closures/foils, and labels from the waste stream! Gotham Project is the only vertically integrated wine-on-tap company in the United States. Their wine “filling station” in Bayonne, NJ is just a few miles from The Port of NY/NJ, the #1 port for imported wines in the United States. This ensures that all wines remain as fresh as their first day of life until it hits your glass.

Gotham Wine project wines are available in 30 states and 400 outlets ranging from Shake Shack to Tria Taproom to The Ritz Carlton.

Q&A with Gotham Project Cofounder, Bruce Schneider

TRIA Since you pioneered better wine in kegs a decade ago, draft wine has become a thing. What are your greatest successes?

BRUCE I think that the most important accomplishment has been establishing wine on tap at a high quality level in the United States. Wine on tap has been around in Europe for a long time but it exists only at a very low quality level. The only limit to the quality of the wine coming out of kegs is the quality of wine that producers put in the keg. Gotham has established a portfolio that includes 35+ soulful and authentic wines from coast to coast and around the world. We have also helped to educate operators and installers how to install draft systems that are able to allow the wines to shine.

Where do you see sustainable wine packaging going in the next five years?

I think that the quality and variety of wines offered on tap is going to continue to increase. I also think that the can category which is growing rapidly is going to see a shift towards even higher quality wines being available in the format.

Have you (or anyone else) quantified the carbon footprint of a keg of wine vs. 26 bottles?

Over a 20-year period our stainless steel kegs will reduce the carbon footprint of the same volume of wine being poured out of bottles by 96%.

How are your West Coast wines transported, and is that a factor?

We transport our West Coast wines for kegging to the East Coast in bulk. We are able to transport twice the volume of wines in bulk as we could transport in glass bottles with the same carbon footprint for transport.

Swiss: Watches? Sure. Cheese? Naturally. Wine...??

Swiss: Watches? Sure. Cheese? Naturally. Wine...??

A Wine with Real Downtown Flair

A Wine with Real Downtown Flair